Leon Maritz

About Me

I moved to New Zealand from South Africa for a different life in the Pacific and found part of that new life in agile software development. For the first time in a long while software development made sense again, focusing on the customers and their needs.

With this new found mindset I became a certified scrum master and certified scrum professional.

But after a few years you realize the importance of giving back to the community, that is when I volunteered to help as a co-organizer, and a co-treasurer of the Christchurch Agile Professional Network.

As things usually go, you then find yourself to be the Organizer a few years later, and due to my involvement with the APN, I was asked to be a Board member of Agile Alliance New Zealand, an honor I immediately accepted.

Christchurch Agile Professionals Network

The Christchurch Agile Professionals Network (APN) is open to all with an interest in Agile Practices and Lean Software Development in the Christchurch area. Meetings generally involve a guest speaker, with time for drinks and chips before and after. There is are no prerequisites for membership, and membership is currently free thanks to our sponsors.

Christchurch Agile Professionals Network

Agile Alliance New Zealand

Agile Alliance New Zealand is an affiliate of the global Agile Alliance.

“Agile Alliance is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting people who explore and apply Agile values, principles, and practices to make building software solutions more effective, humane, and sustainable.”

Started in 2016, with getting all the paperwork in order and setting up accounts. We really started getting traction in late 2017 with a project to run 3 small one day conferences in underserved cities or towns in New Zealand.

First one was Tauranga, Hamilton and then we had one in Christchurch. Then we finally found someone in Dunedin.

With most of the conferences set to become annual events it looks like we will be kept rather busy for the next few years.

Agile Alliance

Agile Alliance New Zealand

Agile Tauranga

Agile Christchurch

Agile Dunedin

As a speaker

I have spoken at:

Agile NZ conference 2013

GOVIS 2014

SQL Saturday

Agile Tauranga 2017

Toastmasters International really helped me with public speaking.

As a software developer

Over the years I have learned that I like coding more and more every year. Even though it’s a constant struggle to stay up to date and there are always those special Microsoft moments.

Then teaching others really teaches you more than you could have expected in the beginning.

As a scrum master / scrum coach

With years of practical experience getting teams to adopt a more agile mindset I can help you in your struggles with making the transition.