Chapter one

you were nervous, though not visibly; all the skills you had been taught over your first ten years on the Kantalan were being put to the test. you were standing in a depressingly deep pit partially filled with sand under a large blue and gold Endrite dome that was the roof of the Kantalan’s stadium. On the ground in front of you there was a large metal door with a lock on it. you knew that under that door some of the most vicious creatures ever known were held. When the tournament began, the humans would open that door and the creatures would clamber out of that hole and attack you and the other trainees. The trainee’s goal was to tempt the alien species back under the door without being killed - not too hard! Just then a loud trumpeting noise erupted around the walls of the stadium and the humans standing at the edges of the pit shuffled to the metal door and reached down. One of the humans lifted a key from his belt and slotted it into the lock on the door. The others braced to pull on the edge of the door. The lock gave a sharp click and the humans pulled. As the door was lifted, the pit underneath swallowed the light. A pair of horns poked from the blackness, followed by a third, much shorter horn and then an armoured head. The Grapf’s eyes flicked around in their sockets as the creature surveyed its unfamiliar surroundings. it leaped out of the hole and charged.