As BLAIRE was texting Serina.

BLAIRE was thinking of telling serina that she is upset . She spent all nigt thinking if her perents would get a divorce her parents had been figting a lot. Blaire finaly dessided to tell Serina . SERINA read the text and desided to comfort BLAIRE at school.

SERINA gose to comfort BLAIRE but there is somthing BLAIRE did'nt us somthing she wasent upset that her parents were fighting she was upset cause it was a dare to make up somthing sad and pretend to mean it . When SERINA slowly walks up to BLAIRE . BLAIRE was nervous she could lie to SERINA or tell the truth. She had never lied to her bff before. So she told the truth SERINA got so mad that she decided to make a channel called GOSSIP GIRL... Serina had a tough choice to make. She thought and thought in fact she Was up all night she got sick that day so she couldn't go to school. The next day Blaire Enter